Armin Schram, 1929 – 2015

My uncle, Armin Schram, was born in 1929 in Prague at a time when Germans and Jews were still united in language and shared a common home. The insanity of the events in the following years caused deep wounds in our family, and therefore in him. I can still feel the impact of these wounds in our lives today.
Armin met his fate. Only 24 years old he made his doctorate in chemistry in Vienna and was part of the reconstruction. His work changed people, corporations, politics and finally science. He became one of the most successful managers in Germany and always stayed, especially in his heart, a straight, honest person in search of the truth in humanity.
He also was a passionate sailor and hunter and appreciated the company of people who shared his passion. You would always feel how close he was to the water or the forest – in nature. Whenever sailors or hunters speak of him, you can hear their recognition and the respect they feel for him.
All of this made him my role model. Standing next to him I felt that one day I would be like him and I liked that idea. I was, and am, proud of my uncle. Now I am the last to carry his name.
Together with my mother we now have to say goodbye now from this earthly mantle and carry him in our hearts.
‘What dazzles, for the moment spends its spirit: what is genuine, shall posterity inherit.’ (Johann Wolfgang von Goethe)