“MeTube” wins Epic German Web Video Award 2013!

This Monday morning I am entering the dentist’s office with a huge smile – this was indeed a great weekend!

My impressions of the German web video award ceremony are still with me, along with a big smile and a lot of confidence.

Since the rise of social media there has been a new cultural development that is remarkable. The German Web Video Awards 2013, given out by the  European Web Video Academy, is the most considerable show case for this new culture. The variety of topics, the depths of social significance and the quality of the nominated works astonished me several times during the award ceremony in the Capitol Theatre in Düsseldorf. For me the most impressive examples are the video “Nur neun Jahre Glück”, by the Hochschule HS-OWL, and the organisation roterkeil.net for their narration of the true story of an abused boy.

And then there was the award for the ultimate ‘Epic’ category for the best video on the net in 2013. Winning for MeTube  seemed impossible while listening to the list of nominees. As mine and Daniel Moshel’s names were announced all my prepared comments were forgotten. What did I actually say? I have to watch it on the net – I do not remember. I don’t even remember the details of the following award party on the banks of the Rhine with the Japanese fireworks, and all the fabulous conversations, and the dancing and the alcohol…

I am lying happily in the dentist’s chair and thinking of the great time I had in Düsseldorf. See you next year.

What remains is for me to thank everybody involved. Thanks to the director Daniel Moshel, Stephanie Winter, with whom the next project is already in progress, to Martin “Martini” Bauer for the camerawork, to Jörg Mohr, to Bernhard “Draxtor” Drax for the musical arrangement, to Phillip Preuss for the Remix, to Jan René Lai for the second Remix, to Sammy Zayed for the styling,  to Roland Pfannhauser for the production management, to the great Elfi Wunsch for her performance as the mother and her legendary comment “Ulrich, du bist ein Schwein!” (Ulrich, you are a pig!), to Jakob Krisper and the KK-Strings for suffering in latex suits and to all the other participants of this fine work.